Limitless UAS Solutions for Your Business


We’ll help you soar.

Dronefinity’s mission is to help your business move more efficiently and productively into the future with drone technology. Accordingly, we’ll provide the data collecting service for you or we’ll train you and your staff to become Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) operators and Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles (UAV) pilots.

Ultimately, we will help your company get accurate data quickly and efficiently.

  • Topography & Measurement
  • Inspection & Detection
  • Inventory Management
  • Construction & Maintenance
  • Surveillance
  • Agriculture & Crop Monitoring

Don’t get left behind.

Significantly, several companies across many industries are already using drone technology to advance their businesses.

On the positive side, we can help you find efficiencies. We help you implement your own customized Unmanned Aircraft System.

Experienced Team

Dronefinty offers training by Indiana’s first commercial drone pilot, Anthony Sydor. Furthermore, he travels throughout the US training business teams about mission optimization, FAA Safety Standards, basic and advanced Pix4D, Gas Detection, 3D Mapping, Thermal Imaging, Topography and Elevation Measurements. Moreover, Sydor has consulted for the United States’ National Transportation Safety Board.

Drone pilot training is provided by instructor Aaron Vos. Additionally, he is a commercially-experienced UAV pilot and master electronics technician.  Additionally, Vos has owned and operated an electronics and drones business since 2010. Equally important, he has helped marine and recreational vehicle companies with drone video and photography.

How Can You Utilize UAS?

  • Do you need to quickly measure topography and elevation contour lines?
  • Or, do you need to calculate building site preparation or landfill settlement and storage capacity?
  • Is there a need to determine property elevation compared to base flood elevation?
  • Do you need a faster way to count inventory for outdoor-stored products?
  • Or, do you need to safely inspect bridges, buildings, or roads with accurate measurements?
  • Do you need safe and accurate 3D CAD topography for your engineers?

Drone Equipment

Unmanned Aircraft Systems may consist of one or more Matrice 200 series or an Inspire2 or better Unmanned Aircraft Vehicles. Further, your UAS will have a single or multiple drone cameras such as a Zenmuse X4S or a Zoom30 Pro series.


Complete basic and specialty advanced training on Pix4D professional drone mapping and photogrammetry software. This software program was developed for surveying, construction, real estate and agriculture.

Complete UAS

Not only will you get your new department up and running within four weeks – but also you’ll do it safely. Additionally, start your new UAS with great training and be completely FAA compliant. Furthermore, we’ll help you keep up-to-date on software and support for the next year, too.


Investing in our future with ETHOS.

Uniquely, Dronefinity Academy will soon be located in the ETHOS Science Center in Elkhart, Indiana. With this in mind, we’ll be introducing drone capabilities to student-aged children, specifically engaging young minds and preparing them for new and growing technical roles in our workforce. READ MORE

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